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The Reconstruction Hospital & McBride Clinic


Dr. Earl d. McBride began his medical career as a general surgeon, practicing in rural Oklahoma from 1914-1917, until he volunteered for service as an Army physician during WWI. After his return to Oklahoma City in 1919, Dr. McBride found himself on an unexpected and significant new career path.

McBride Clinic was established in 1923 in a little red brick home. There were four upstairs rooms where Dr. McBride could keep patients overnight and his neighbor prepared food for them. This was the first facility of its kind in the southwestern part of the country.

After 34 years, Dr. McBride officially retired in 1957

In 1927, Dr. McBride became an instructor of orthopedic surgery at the University of Oklahoma Medical School. That year also saw the start of the Arthritis Department at McBride Clinic. During the Depression years, the clinic continued to grow. A contributing factor was the discovery of oil in Oklahoma and the influx of injured oil workers.

By the end of the Depression, McBride was looking for a larger home to accommodate their expanding practice. The new hospital on N.W. 10th Street was dedicated on January 1, 1939. In 1947, the clinic and hospital together were treating 30,000 patients per year which resulted in expansion to a total of eighty beds.

In the final years leading up to his retirement, the Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons presented him with an honorary award in recognition of his work.

In 1957, Dr. McBride officially retired and sold his interest in the hospital.

McBride Orthopedic Hospital opened in 2005 as a full-service orthopedic hospital. McBride has grown to include a board-certified physician staff of 34, practicing at five metro locations and several outreach clinics in rural communities. The physicians continue their close involvement with athletes of all ages, serving as team physicians for many of the local professional, collegiate, and high school athletes.