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MCBRIDE ORTHOPEDIC HOSPITAL   is proud to be a physician-owned hospital. Physician ownership reinstates the physician back into the decision-making role, which allows our physicians to deliver the highest quality of care to you. Physician-owned healthcare organizations provide high quality, efficient, patient-focused care, equal access, patient choice, price transparency and higher patient satisfaction.

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Comprehensive Care for Joint Replacement

Hospital Charges
In compliance with the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), McBride Orthopedic  Hospital is making available to the public a copy of its bundled charges. Bundled means the hospital, surgeon and anesthesia charges are all-in-one.

Before you  search through this file to learn what it may cost you to receive an item or service provided by the hospital or clinic, it is important to understand that what the hospital or clinic charges for a service IS NOT the same as what you  or your insurance company may pay for a service. 

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