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McBride Introduces NavioPFS

by Marketing

If you suffer from knee pain, you know it can keep you from doing the activities you love. McBride Orthopedic Hospital would like to help patients Start Their 'Can Do' List Today! McBride is proud to introduce the addition of NavioPFS (Precision Freehand Sculpting). This orthopedic surgical system is designed to help surgeons perform precise robotic partial knee replacement surgeries.

The Navio system is one of the most advanced surgical technologies available in the nation. McBride is the first hospital in Oklahoma to offer it. Utilizing an advanced CT-free intra-operative registration, the surgeon builds patient-specific surgical plans and prepares the bone with a robotic-controlled hand-piece.

"Using this system allows physicians to visualize a patient's x-ray before beginning to remove bone," said McBride orthopedic surgeon, Thomas K. Tkach, MD. "Robotic-controlled smart instrumentation allows us to very precisely resurface our patient's knees for partial knee replacements."

With no pre-operative CT-scan required, the Navio system integrates easily into existing knee replacement workflows. This allows the patient to receive the benefits of robotic guidance without additional time spent for pre-operative procedures. Instead, the surgeon registers the patient during the procedure using kinematic reconstruction and anatomic landmarks. This information assists the surgeon in planning the implant location and balancing the knee's ligaments for a more natural feeling knee.

"Potential benefits to the patients are numerous," added McBride Orthopedic Hospital CEO, Mark Galliart. "By making partial knee replacements a more accessible option, the patient has available a surgical procedure generally associated with smaller incisions, less scaring, a shorter hospital stay, and quicker recovery."

To learn more about robotic partial knee replacement at McBride, please call McBride Orthopedic Hospital Clinic at 405.230.9270 to make an appointment with an orthopedic surgeon.